Visit Nepal 2020

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Visit Nepal 2020

What is Visit Nepal 2020?

The campaign is led by the joint forces of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, and
Nepal Tourism Board. The aim of this campaign is to influence people from around the world to discover
Nepal 2020.
They’ve also set a target, which is an astounding 2 million tourists. Visit Nepal 2020 is the third promotional
initiated at such a huge level by the ministry and board duo. The first one was Visit Nepal ’98, and the second
one was Nepal
Tourism Year 2011. The movements targeted to bring a minimum of 1 million tourists to Nepal in the
year 1998 and 2011 respectively.

Plans and Preparation by the Ministry and the Board

visit nepal 2020

To promote the campaign, the logo of Visit Nepal 2020 campaign has already been launched. It
has been introduced in three languages – English, Chinese, and Japanese so that they could
reach as many prospective tourists as possible. The official websites of the ministry, Nepal
Tourism Board and many other agencies involved in the tourism sector has been promoting this
campaign for quite some time now.
To help tourists have the best experience during their stay in the country, and to make Visit
Nepal 2020 successful, the government has ensured to work on and bring positive changes in
the crucial aspects that impact tourism.
One of such aspects is roads and transportation. Since roads are one of the major means of
transportation in the country, and that their condition is worsening by the day, they need serious
work and improvement. The condition of roads in the country has been one of the major
reasons why tourists are demotivated to travel around and even enter the country in the first

Visit Nepal 2020 Trailer

Another such aspect is the corruption that exists in the sector. The tendency of companies, or
people in general, working in the tourism sector in Nepal to charge unfair price, and at the same
time offer sub-standard services to the tourists. Such actions cause them to have a bitter
experience. In the long run, this will generate negative publicity for Nepal’s tourism sector, and
defame the country altogether.
The government and the ministry have been working together to control such practices, by
targeting such service providers and decommissioning them. Their target, by 2020, is to create

an atmosphere in the tourism sector where all tourists are treated fairly and are offered the best
experience whatsoever.
In addition to all these, there are plans to successfully complete the construction of Gautam
Buddha International Airport, and bring it in operation by 2020. The goal is to create more entry
points to Nepal, from various parts of the world, make the country more accessible to the
tourists. As there is only one international airport/ runway in Nepal, at the moment, it limits the
number of tourists visiting Nepal at any given moment.

Activities Offered to the Tourists

Nepal is known all around the world for its mountainous terrain, hilly landscapes, wildlife,
spectacles of nature, adventure sports, culture, tradition, and history. Together, all these offer a
great experience to the tourists, which starts right from the very moment they step outside their

Mountaineering and Trekking

Two of the major highlights of Visit Nepal 2020 is going to be mountaineering and Visit Nepal
2020 trekking. As Nepal is home to 8 of the 10 highest peaks in the world, tourists are sure to
come to this country to experience these gigantic beasts up-close. They could do it either by
Visit Nepal 2020 trekking or by attempting to climb the peaks. Trekking would take them to the
base of these mountains, whereas mountaineering is the best way to get to know them.
Popular trekking packages include Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek,
Annapurna Circuit Trek and so on. Similarly, the most well-liked mountaineering packages
include Mt. Everest Expedition, Manaslu Expedition, Annapurna Expedition and so on.

Adventure Sports

Due to its diverse topography, with widespread hilly and mountainous terrain, and numerous
freshwater bodies, Nepal is as an ideal country for many adventure sports. Realizing this, many
national and international companies have worked together, and invested their time and
resources, to offer tourists the best adventure sporting opportunities. The most popular activities
include bungee jumping, bungee swing, zip lining, paragliding, hang gliding, hot air balloon ride,
ultra-light and so on.
With Visit Nepal 2020, tourists from all across the world will have this wonderful opportunity to
try these adventure sports, and experience the thrill of this amazing Himalayan nation.

National Parks

Nepal is also known for its national parks, wildlife reserves, and conservation areas, which
house many rare and interesting species of animals, birds, and plants. Few of the most popular
parks include Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, Bardiya National Park and so
Depending on the national park, tourists are offered activities such as elephant rides, jungle
safaris, boat rides and so on. This gives them a wonderful chance to explore the amazing flora
and fauna in the area.
Also, during their stay in Nepal, the tourists can also experience the delightful hospitality offered
by numerous resorts and hotels that are located in close proximity to these parks.

Through Visit Nepal 2020, the tourists get to truly discover Nepal 2020.
Culture, Food, and Arts

Nepal is home to a few of the oldest cultures in the world, which is evident due to the existence of
various cultural heritages and sites situated in different parts of the nation. The indigenous
communities of the country, like Newars, Tamangs, Tharus and so on, still practice many of
such traditions, as these have been passed down from one generation to another, over a period of
many centuries.
It’s quite an experience to get to know about these people, by living their culture, eating their
food and exploring their art forms. Many families welcome tourists to stay with them and learn
about them altogether. They offer amazing hospitality in a homely environment, which is
absolutely rare and priceless. This is one of the things that the visitors could do when they’re in
Nepal, with Visit Nepal 2020. The perfect way to spend a holiday and create memories.
So, if you’re looking for an ideal destination for spending your holidays, make sure to try out this
amazing country. Apart from the things mentioned above, it has much more to offer. Visit Nepal
2020 doesn’t just focus on getting tourists inside the country but offering them a delightful
experience, as we’d want them to return year after year.

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